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HOUSTON – May, 2017 – Veretek achieved its 100th V-pump installation, with the installation taking place in a well in the Bakken.

According to Russ Akers, Veretek Field Service Supervisor, “We brought the well on fairly gently as it was producing quite a lot of sand; 10 percent by weight over the first two days. It started at about 20-25 percent, and declined to barely one percent after two days. This amounted to approximately 30 tons of sand.”

Greg Hottle, Veretek President and CEO, added, “The amount of sand produced during the first couple of days would have probably caused one, if not two, conventional ESPs to fail. The V-Pump effortlessly rides through these issues because it easily takes that amount of sand in stride. This effectiveness is one reason for the V-Pump’s rapid growth.”