Enhance Your Existing ESP with ESCHP Tech

Our Cronus® line aids all traditional ESP pumps regardless of the vendor.

Designed to assist traditional ESPs in high GLR wells, Cronus® helps wells produce a steady production rate and targets low bottom hole pressure areas. By doing so, it is able to optimize run-life with stable motor currents. Additionally, Cronus® promotes consistent fluid conditions.

Veretek continues to upgrade its products and revolutionize the industry.

Here at Veretek, we never settle for substandard results and our Cronus® delivers tangible results.

Cronus Case Study

Cronus String Results Traditional String
RC1000 Primary Pump Pad Test RC1000 Primary Pump
Cronus Traditional Gas Handling
Tandem Gas Separators Tandem Gas Separators
850-900 BPD 700 BPD
30% Oil Cut 60 BOPD Increase with Cronus 30% Oil Cut
700 MCF Reduced Downtime Due to Gas 600 MCF
300 IP (trending down) 400 IP
Fixed Speed Gas Mode (Fluctuating Hz)

Core Applications

Minimize Gas Locking Due to Slugs

4" OD

Sub 2500 BPD Applications

Minimum Additional Horse Power Required <45HP

Aid All Traditional ESP Pumps

Regardless of the vendor!