Veretek, the new name for Electric Submersible Contra-Helical Pump (ESCHP) technology, represents our evolution as a company.

Veretek’s evolution includes a new company structure and strategies to align with customers’ requirements for the growing global demand of our ESCHP pumps.

Our transformational ESCHP technology – field-proven to outperform other types of pumps in high GVF multiphase wells – continues to be the foundation for our superior technological solutions and game-changing results.

Our products are proving to effectively address a far-ranging variety of conventional ESP production issues, such as slugging wells, high gas content, high sand content and heavy and extra heavy oil.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices throughout the world, Veretek is a leading provider of innovative new artificial lift solutions. Meeting the financial needs of today’s operators, Veretek continues to make a world of difference with production economics.