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Conventional ESPs work great,

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Time To Upgrade: Turn Your ESP into an ESCHP
Conventional CP vs. CHP

The Right Artificial Lift Solution for the Right Job.

Our transformational contra-helical pump (CHP) technology is field-proven to outperform and far outlive even the most advanced centrifugal pumps in high-gas, high-viscosity and high-sand wells. Replace centrifugal pumps with our contra helical pumps to turn ESPs into ESCHPs (Electrical Submersible Contra Helical Pump) that provide deep cost-savings in challenging wells.

The Veretek Vantage™ contra helical pump and the advantages of running ESCHPs

Reduction In Downtime for Gas


Lifecycle Extension In GVF Multiphase Wells


Ability to Re-Run Pumps

Increased Speed

Increased speed options resulting in expanded production range. Capturing multiple pump rates with a single OD size of pump.

Abrasion Resistance

Each stage has its own abrasion resistant down-thrust bearing. Dramatically increasing sand resistant and motor thrust loading.

Pump in Reverse

Ability to pump in reverse. Allowing to clear debris and fluids from the pump string.


Compatible with all traditional, customer owned, ESP equipment.

Centrifugal Pumps

Designed 1916
Originally Pumped Water
Good For Pools of Oil
Not Engineered To Pump Sand, Gas or High Viscosity Oil
Additional Products Needed To Function In Challenging Wells

Contra Helical Pump

Simplified flow path
Sand & Gas Pumped
Through Rotor/Stator
Clear Pump By Running In Reverse
Larger Speed Range
Designed Specifically To Handle Multiphase Wells with High Sand Volumes and GVF

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Built For The Harshest Environments

Veretek Vantage™ CHP

200- 8,000 BPD Unconventional

High Gas Handling

High Abrasives

High Corrosion

Greater than 2X Run-Life of Centrifugal Pumps

Reduce Short Run ESP Pump Failures (< 90 days)

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Increase Gas Handling of Conventional ESPs

Veretek Cronus® Booster

Boosts performance in ESPs

+2,500 BPD Unconventional

Improve Gas Handling

Adds Significantly More Up Time to Conventional ESPs
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We’ve Been Productive.


Successful Well Installs In All Major US Unconventional Plays & Several International Locations


Increase In Well-Life or More, Depending On Environment & CHP Model


ESCHP Failures Within ESCHP Operating Windows

Case Studies

A Field Proven Technology

Case Studies
September 25, 2017

Sand & Reliability V-5 Pump Reliability California

WELL CHALLENGE Operator is using the well to manage the reservoir and protect producers from offset operators. The well, which has been producing for many years, is a high volume…
Case Studies
June 5, 2017

High Sand & High Gas V-4 X 100 Stage Pump Completes 1st Year of Operation

LOCATION: PERMIAN BASIN, REAGAN COUNTY, TEXAS TIMING: EARLY JUNE 2016 – AUGUST 2017 KEY MESSAGE Continuous high sand; sand bridging at horizontal / heel; V-Pump™ drawdown overcomes sand bridges. WELL CHALLENGE…
Case Studies
May 15, 2017

Ceramic Proppant Sand & Extreme Gas High GVF Case Study V-4 X 160 Stage Pump

LOCATION: BAKKEN, MCKENZIE COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA TIMING: MAY – SEPTEMBER 2017 KEY MESSAGE Extremely high gas; ceramic proppant sand; V4 Pump operating at 90Hz, 85% GVF. WELL CHALLENGE Major operator suffered…
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