Our V-Pump improves production economics in wells where ESPs struggle with multiphase conditions that include combinations of sand, gas, and high viscosity oil. The revolutionary, patented design and unique hydraulic mechanism deliver superior pumping efficiency and performance compared to electric submersible pumping systems. With the same envelope dimensions, flange and shaft connections as conventional ESPs, our V-Pump can operate with any service provider’s conventional ESP motor, seal, cable and sensor configuration.

Veretek continues to upgrade its products and will introduce new models of the V-Pump to cover different diameters and flow capacities.


  • Fewer well interventions
    • Ability to continue pumping through multiphase conditions
    • Wider operating window through broader speed ranges
  • Improved uptime with less tripping of system
  • Operates reliably in many wells deemed un-pumpable with conventional ESPs.


  • Patented pump design consisting of a rotor and stator
  • More efficient at higher speeds
  • Unique ability to increase operating range with higher speed permanent magnet motors
  • Ability to reverse pump to flush
  • Performance comparison to conventional ESPs:
    • Handles GVF of 75%-95%
    • Can handle 10X -100X the amount of sand
    • Pumps high viscosity oil & emulsions (proven to more than 13,000 centiPoise)

Product Specifications:

V4 V5
Casing Size 5 ½" 7"
Series 400 538
OD 4.0" 5.38"
Max. HP @ 60Hz 300HP 500HP
Min. Rate 200b/d 800b/d
Max. Rate (IM)* 3,000b/d 6,000b/d
Max. Rate (PMM)* 4,500b/d 11,000b/d
Max. Stages 160 140
Max GVF % 95% 95%
Max Visc. cP 6,000 13,000