HOUSTON – August, 2018 - Veretek achieved its 200th V-pump installation, with the installation taking place in a well in the Permian Basin.

Zach McCain, Veretek Director of Sales, stated, "Historically, conventional downhole pumps were considered consumables but the V-Pump is allowing the customer to classify downhole pumps as assets. This unit was pulled after 339 days for an electrical failure. We tested the used pumps and ran them back in the well. The ability of the V-Pump to handle the challenges of an unconventional well is unmatched."

According to Customer, "With a conventional ESP, there is absolutely ZERO chance that we would have been able to re-install the pumps after 339 days in this unconventional well."

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About Veretek

Headquartered in Stafford, TX with additional locations in Midland, TX and Minot, ND, Veretek designs, engineers, sells and services the V-Pump™, a patented, pump used in the production of oil and gas.  The V-Pump™ is able to handle significantly greater volumes of sand and other solids as well as gas and heavy oil because it uses a physically different hydraulic mechanism than centrifugal ESPs or any other pumping system.  Veretek has successfully completed more than 150 V-Pump™ installations throughout the US, Canada and Colombia.  For more information about Veretek, visit