SPE-194410-MS “Piloting a Cohelical-Axial Multiphase ESP Design in a Sandstone Reservoir Where Rod Pumping Failed”

HOUSTON – May, 2019 -- SPE Gulf Coast ESP Symposium, Woodlands, May 2019.

[copies available from the OnePetro SPE web page]

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Headquartered in Stafford, TX with additional locations in Midland, TX and Minot, ND, Veretek designs, engineers, sells and services the V-Pump™, a patented pump used in the production of oil and gas.  The V-Pump™ is able to handle significantly greater volumes of sand and other solids as well as gas and heavy oil because it uses a physically different hydraulic mechanism than centrifugal ESPs or any other pumping system.  Veretek has successfully completed more than 150 V-Pump™ installations throughout the US, Canada and Colombia.  For more information about Veretek, visit