HOUSTON – April, 2019 -- Veretek achieved its 300th installation on April 27th 2019. The pump was installed in a Permian well and was the 64th unit installed for the customer. Greg Hottle, CEO of Veretek said “Operators are experiencing difficult artificial lift conditions after flowback from drilling longer laterals and pumping larger fracs. We have created an Initial Production Solution that has significantly reduced the number of short first runs on unconventional wells.”

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About Veretek

Headquartered in Stafford, TX with additional locations in Midland, TX and Minot, ND, Veretek designs, engineers, sells and services the V-Pump™, a patented pump used in the production of oil and gas.  The V-Pump™ is able to handle significantly greater volumes of sand and other solids as well as gas and heavy oil because it uses a physically different hydraulic mechanism than centrifugal ESPs or any other pumping system.  Veretek has successfully completed more than 150 V-Pump™ installations throughout the US, Canada and Colombia.  For more information about Veretek, visit