Case Studies

Case Study 1: Sand & Reliability

V-5 Pump Reliability


Well Challenge

Operator is using the well to manage the reservoir and protect producers from offset operators. The well, which has been producing for many years, is a high volume water well with minimal oil cut. Due to pump erosion from sand, the conventional ESP was being pulled every six months at least.

Well Characteristics

Casing 9 ⅝", 40#
Tubing 4 ½"
Temperature 125°
Kick Off Point (KOP) Vertical
Horizontal Section Vertical
Pump Setting 1481 ft.

Field results

Veretek's application engineering team was able to provide a solution using our V-Pump™ technology. The patented design aims to provide maximum well-production optimization and reduce mean-time between failures so well site operators can obtain the longest economical well life at the lowest cost. The primary goals are to increase profits (not necessarily production rates), reduce long-term well-service / operational costs, and improve the general operating situation for wells after a V-Pump installation.

The value of our technology approach lies in the results. In this particular well, the centrifugal pump experienced sand erosion and had to be replaced every 6 months. Since installation of the V-Pump in December 2012, it has been running continuously for over 4 years, starting with production of 1,800 BFPD (40Hz) and increasing to 6,000 BFPD (80Hz) .

Previous Centrifugal Pumps Veretek V-5 V-Pump
Pump 32 Stage 538 P23 20 Stage 538 V-5 Pump
Motor 238 HP motor /Major ESP OEM 238 HP motor / Major ESP OEM
Pump speed 40 - 50Hz 40Hz → 60Hz Dec-12; 80Hz since Feb-13
Average Pump Life 3 - 6 months Running continuously since December 2012
Fluid produced 2,400 BFPD 6,000 BFPD
Unit pulled Sand erosion in pump In continuous service (at September 2017)

V-Pump Curve

V-Pump Power

Replacing the centrifugal ESP with our patented V-Pump design allows continuous well production despite high sand concentration in the fluid pumped. Installation of the V-Pump reduces total equipment and servicing costs for the well operator, significantly improves the mean time between failures and achieves the goal of optimizing production costs.

Case Study 1: Sand & Reliability

Our results in this application are excellent. Since installation of the V-Pump in December, 2012, the centrifugal pump has been running continuously for over four years.

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Case Study 2: High Sand & High Gas

Our V-Pump's capabilities with sand resistance and gas handling made it a perfect solution for a well in the Permian Basin. Our V-Pump achieved several success factors, including producing 60% more fluid than the conventional ESP.

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Case Study 3: High Sand & High Gas

Our V-Pump is performing with excellent results in Reagan County, Texas. There are several key success factors for our V-Pump, including surviving sustained high sand production and reliably pumping throughout moderate gas slugs/high GVF.

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Case Study 4: Ceramic Proppant Sand & Extreme Gas

Our results in North Dakota are very positive. A major operator suffered two early conventional ESP failures due to high gas, with each ESP failing after only days of operation. The operator replaced the two ESPs with our V-Pump in mid-May 2017 and the pump has run continuously and smoothly since then, handling the high GVF production and widely varying production conditions.

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